This Therapy is based for the points lying all over the body. When the organ or the part of the body is diseased, the local points when pressed the disease in organ of the local area is “ Eased out”. This technique is Japanese Therapy. This is quite old and presently becoming more popular. Here SHI means fingers and ATSU means Pressure. The therapy uses finger pressure on a series of points, lying all over the body. This very popular in Japan. In 1955 first shiatsu treatment was legally approved as a part of amma message. In 1957 Japan shiatsu school was officially licensed by Minister of health & Welfare in Japan. In 1964, Shiatsu was recognized as distinct and independent from other form of message.

Characteristics of Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is simple and applies manual and digital pressure on local points of the body. The aim is preventing and curing illness by stimulating the body’s natural powers of recuperation, eliminating litigue – producing elements, and promoting general good health. The major characteristics are:-

  1. This combines diagnosis and treatment. Experienced Therapist is able to detect the abnormalities by seeing the skin, muscle or body heat on contact.

  2. Only hands & fingers are used. No mechanical devices or medicines are used.

  3. No side effects.

  4. No age limits. This may be used for any group of people.

  5. Shiatsu helps to detect body irregularities and works as a health barometer.

  6. This creates trust and reliance between patient and the therapist.

  7. This is effective because it treats the whole body – The best way is to treat the entire body and then to deal with localities showing pathological symptoms.

Basic Rules for Good Health and Long life.

  1. Proper Diet. Diet is very important for body. We must aim at balanced diet suiting to the needs of body. At the same time, the body must be able t digest and aninilate the nutrients it takes in. Here, Shiatsu plays important role. Shiatsu on abdomen improves the overall functioning of the stomach and intestines, thus toning digestion and absorption of nutrients. The technique is simple and may be self administered.

  1. Proper Sleep. Human being sleep about one third of life – proper sleep is very essential for healthy functioning of the body. There is no doubt that “ early to bed and early to rise” are linked with longevity. Modern life style has made urban living difficult to follow sound sleep. Here, the Shiatsu technique is very helpful.

  1. Proper Elimination. Proper Elimination is essential for healthy functioning. Shiatsu Therapy, if done regularly restore appetite, improve digestion, and regulate elimination. It will help to prevent constipation.

  1. Proper Exercise. From Shiatsu standpoint, special attention should be given to exercising the hands and fingers. Moving the hands and fingers develop the motor . The Shiatsu techniques are also very helpful for eyes and teeth. The hand movements have a good influence on powers of thought.

  1. Laughter . A naturally laughing face is pleasing and beautiful. Physiologically laughter improves the colour of blood. The up-down movement of diaphragm caused by laughter stimulates the operation of the heart & improves the blood circulation. Laughter is very good for the functioning of stomach. It helps in internal secretions of the endocrine system. We must recall old saying – “ Laughter is the gates to happiness” and “ A laugh rejuvenates, a frown


Conditions where this must not be used

    1. Contagious illness

    2. Pleurisy, peritonitis, appendicitis, pyelitis, pancreatitis, peptic ulcers, duodenal ulcers, liver cirrhosis, leukemia, twisting of the bowels, intestinal obstruction, cancer.

    3. High fever immediately after surgery, extreme physical debility, infectious skin ailments.


Points of Cautions:

  1. Hands must be clean and finger nails cut to size.

  2. Therapist must first relax himself.

  3. The basics of the correct therapy must be mastered.

  4. Proper basic positions must be mastered.

  5. Pressure points must be accurately located.

  6. The condition of the patient must be kept in mind before commencing therapy.

  7. During therapy, the therapist must concentrate on his work with sincerity and causation.

  8. Therapeutical sessions may last from thirty minutes to one hour depending upon the condition.

  9. Patient should urinate or defecate if necessary; before therapy begins. The patient must relax physically & mentally.

  10. Therapy sessions should begin no sooner than thirty minutes after meals, when the stomach is neither empty nor too full.