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1.       Introduction:

            Reiki is the gift from Gautam, the Buddha.  Reiki finds its roots in  “Tantra of the lightning Flash”The Tantra of the lightning Flash, a Tantra, was dictated by Shankyamuni Buddha to a contemporary householder and physician in Varanasi, India.  The scripture came to Japan in the eighth century.  Kukai (774 – 835 C.E), also known as the “Kobo Daishi”, brought the manuscript from Mainland China where he had studied the text and its practices under the guidance of master Hui-ko (746 – 805 C.E).  Dr. Usui  Mikao found this ancient manuscript in a used bookstore in Kyoto in 1896.  It gave a new light to his mind.  He was immediately motivated to study the text to work with the practices until he had mastered them. With inspiration gained from “Tantra of the lightning Flash”, Dr. Usui Mikao developed a hands on, healing system that was able to tap into the divine healing energies of Medicine king Buddha and apply these energies to the patient.  He applied his techniques to his patients.  He decided not to limit it to only Buddhists.  He created simple practice by the use of symbols and innovations, which may be applied to everyone regardless of religion or beliefs.  He coined the name Reiki.    

2.       What is Reiki?

The dictionary meaning of: 

Rei      – spirit, misty, holy, nature  &

Ki        – translated to “energy, feeling or talent”. 

 We may call Reiki as the “Universal Energy”.  This Universal Energy of Reiki is a particular frequency that permeates all life.  We are not able to perceive this energy at physical level but quantum physics has been able to recognize this energy and measure its frequency.  Our old mystics or Rishies have known the existence of healing power since time immemorial.  

                        Reiki is an ancient hand on healing modality based on transference of vital energy, Reiki is activated by touch. This is applied via the hands.  The practitioners of Reiki simply place their hands on the corresponding CHAKRAS, MERIDIANS AND ORGANS, transferring healing energy to the recipient.

3.       Reiki attunement levels

            (i)          Reiki-1: 

This is the first level in the traditional western Reiki system.  This comprises of four initiations.  This makes learners to acquire the power and then may start hands-on healing for self & for others. 

(ii)        Reiki-2: 

Reiki-2 is an increased empowerment with the second-degree initiation.  This expands on the pathway created by Reiki-1 initiations. Here three symbols are used & taught.  This level helps in distant healing. 

(iii)        Reiki 3A:   

The 3A initiation further enhances power.  Here Master symbol is given.  After this level one becomes Reiki master & then may start training for Level-1 & level-2           

(iv)       Reiki 3B: 

This further enhances power & after this initiation one gets norm of Grand Master.

4.       Why learn Reiki?

(1)               This is complementary therapy to all types of medicines.

(2)               Reiki heals from within and helps to restore health.

(3)               Reiki is powerful yet gentle healing art

(4)               Reiki is always safe.

(5)               Reiki requires no previous practice or spiritual tradition.

(6)               Reiki may be learnt by anyone.

(7)           Reiki may be used as first aid, to heal animals, children & to the people of any age.

(8)               Reiki is a simple tool to reduce stress and enhance inner peace.

(9)               Reiki training is simple and easy to learn and requires little efforts to learn, to apply and to achieve positive results.


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  Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) on Reiki>>