Reflexology is a branch of Acupressure. 'Acu'  means pointed, sharpened, precise   Thus Acupressure means precise or pointed pressure. Acupressure is a blanket term, popularly used to cover all types of pressure therapies, that was fingers or thumb message at specific points on the patient body.  It is however, not just a message in the ordinary sense but has its own technique and is a specific science on its own merits. Here, in Reflexology reflex points of the body are used for treating any kind of trouble. The whole human body is reflected on both feet or hands. For treatment purposes, these reflex points are messaged in its own technique. By messaging the various reflected areas, a diagnosis of the parts of the body which are out of balance, and therefore not working efficiently, can be made and treatment given to correct these imbalances and thus return the body to good working condition.  For treatment purpose the feet are usually preferred, as they offer a large area to be treated and since they are generally protected by shoes and Shocks they present a more sensitive area for the treatment than the hands. The hands are used when its is not possible to work on the feet. Although the hands may not be as sensitive as the feet, they may also be used in Reflexology message for self-treatment or for treatment of patients.


2   Type of Pressure

2.1      Feather Touch -  This is very light pressure . This is given on tender parts by thumb or fingers.

2.2     Normal  Pressure - Pressure by thumbs or fingers, which may be felt good by patient.

2.3      Double finger Pressure - This is given by mounting one finger or other

2.4     Palm Pressure - This pressure may be given by both palms or by one palm on the reflex point.

2.5      Double Palm Pressure - Pressure by putting one palm over other is called double palm pressure.

2.6      Body Wight pressure - This is given by both palms when body not is also given.

2.7      Rotating - This is given by thumb or by Jamie either clockwise or anticlockwise. in most of the cases this used.

2.8      Push  &  Pull - On any point given pressure & release, given release.

2.9      Study & Deep _ Continuous at any point.

2.10     Mounting  - This is given by both thumbs, putting one over other

2.11     Sliding - This may be given by thumb, fingers or Jimmie.

2.12     Rubbing - Rubbing pressure at any point.

2.13     Plucking - Like flower plucking using thumbs & index fingers. 

Relaxation Techniques

            These are very good special techniques and are designed to aid in relaxation. This  is used to help improve the blood & energy circulation. For treating patients, first the feet or hands are relaxed. The techniques used are given below.  

1.                  Back & Forth

2.                  Metatarsal kneading

3.                  Spinal Twist

4.                  Ankle tossing

5.                  Ankle rotation under

6.                  Ankle rotation over

7.                  toe rotation 

Note - These are demonstrated during workshop session. These techniques are very useful & help proper blood circulation in effected organs.  

Body Anatomy 

            The sole of the feet is divided in four areas.

1.                  Head Area

2.                  Chest Area

3.                  Digestive Area

4.                  Reproduction Area (The balance area could be termed as legs area). 

NOTE :   In each area, location of each organ is demonstrated during  workshops. In workshop session, the functioning of organs & glands are also explained. In three full day session, it is expected that participants will be able to use the reflexology for treatment and prevention of acute & chronic diseases. This therapy is complementary therapy & should be considered as alternate healing treatment. In emergent cases qualified medical practitioner  must be contacted. This treatment is simple & harmless and may be easily self administered . This is helpful in all chronic and acute diseases.

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