(Nature nourishes you, cares for you and heals you)

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Law of Nature  : Animals, birds live as per the law of nature. We may observe them. All disorders are the result of “Modern Civilization” and simple solution is

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If we live as per nature, then there is no reason for disorder.

Naturopathy    This is treatment of diseases in accordance with the laws of nature. Naturopathy concedes the importance of nature, but does not hesitate to assist nature in combating diseases. They try to restore health by the adoption of hydrotherapy, fasts, clay therapy, and regulation of Food, Acupressure etc. Expert Naturopath will not be against various tests and investigations to ascertain the causes of the diseases and relevant facts before prescribing treatment. They also evaluate the program and may take help of investigation. The main aim is restoration of health not fanatic old ideas. Naturopathy does not hesitate to recommend alternative system of medicine to the patient. Thus living in accordance with the law of nature and treatment of disease in accordance with laws of nature are different. This is Naturopathy.

  1. History of naturopathy.

  2. Principles of naturopathy.

  3. Golden rules of naturopathy.

  4. Types of food.

  5. Food combination for easy digestion.

  6. Ideal daily schedule.

  7. Practical suggestions.

  8. Juice diet

  9. Content and qualities of fruits and vegetables.